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This Father's Day, Aish HaTorah offers a unique opportunity to honor an extraordinary man in your life by linking his name to the Western Wall for eternity.

Salute your father, father in-law, brother or special man in your life by adding his distinguished name to the inspiring "Wall of Life" plaque board at center stage in the Grand Entrance Lobby of Aish Hatorah at the Western Wall. The last remaining site to be built just steps from the Western Wall, this center - opening in 2006 - will attract millions of Jews to learn about their heritage. This notable fulfillment of the mitzvah of Kibud Av, honoring your father, links the family name with Jewish survival and continuity. It is also a splendid way to celebrate or memorialize a mentor, brother, uncle, or partner -- a special man who left an indelible mark on your life. A gift to Aish HaTorah of U.S. $1,800, a symbolic multiple of 18 or Chai, meaning Life, will reserve an exclusive place of distinction.

On Father's Day weekend, an elegant kiddush cup will be delivered to the man you wish to honor or to his family. It will be followed by an engraved plaque acknowledging this most memorable dedication - a potent gesture of your love.

This Father's day, express your admiration, esteem, reverence and regard with this rare dedication. What better way to communicate your love, affection and devotion while performing a timeless act of charity?

If you are interested, please contact Richard Boruch Rabinowitz at 212-391-6710 ext. 16 or 18, fax 212-391-7630, or brabinowitz@aish.com

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