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Eternal Kaddish Service   $540.00* tax-deductible donation

  • During the first year, Aish HaTorah will recite Kaddish 3 times a day until the first Yahrzeit.
  • On the first yahrtzeit (and all subsequent years), Kaddish will be recited, Mishnayot will be learned, and a yahrtzeit candle will be lit.
  • A yahrtzeit reminder letter will be sent annually to those specified on the Kaddish Request Form..

[Mishnayot forms the basis of the Talmud. The word Mishnah is comprised of the same letters as Neshama -- soul. Tradition teaches that study of Mishnayot on the Yahrtzeit brings great merit to the deceased, connecting the soul to the foundations of Jewish history, and strengthening the eternal spiritual bond with God.]

In appreciation for your generosity, please accept our gift of "Remember My Soul: A Path of Reflection, Inspiration and Personal Growth" by Lori Palatnik. This book provides the comforting voice of wisdom at life's most painful moment, offering everything you need to know about mourning and coping with loss in Jewish tradition. Included is a 30-day guided exercise that both comforts the mourner, and according to Jewish mystical tradition, provides spiritual elevation for the soul of the departed.

Yahrzeit Service (after the first year)   $360.00* (tax-deductible donation)

  • On each Yahrzeit, Kaddish will be recited three times.
  • Mishnayot will be learned.
  • A Yahrzeit candle will be lit.
  • A Yahrtzeit reminder letter will be sent to those specified on theKaddish Request Form. .

*Payment Schedule

Donations may be paid in full or in monthly installments by credit card.

Please click here to fill out the Kaddish Request Form in order to begin Kaddish immediately.

As soon as we receive the name of the departed, we will start Kaddish. Upon receipt of payment, the name will be permanently instituted in our records.

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