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The Racial Theory

Another typical Jewish faceMaybe Jews have been hated because they are a different race.

Another typical Jewish faceThe overriding problem with this theory is that it is self-contradictory: Jews are not a race. Anyone can become a Jew – and members of every race, creed and color in the world have done so at one time or another.

Another typical Jewish faceAnother typical Jewish faceThere is no distinguishing racial physical feature common only to Jews. Even the idea of a "Jewish nose" is a myth. (A study done in 1911 disproved the "existence of the Jewish nose.") Anti-Semites don’t hate only those Jews who have distinctively Jewish physical features; they hate all Jews.

Another typical Jewish faceAnother typical Jewish faceThey hate Eastern European Jews; they hate Israeli, Russian and Yemenite Jews; they hate blond, blue-eyed Dutch Jews as well as dark-skinned, Mediterranean-looking Jews. Any Jew will do.

No race - no racial reasonAnti-Semitism cannot be explained as racism for the very simple reason that Jews are not a race.



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