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Women in Classic Greece

The status of women was very low and their image very negative. Greece was a very misogynous, woman-hating society.

This attitude is clearly reflected by the Greek poet Palladas:

wp03n57c.jpg (14705 bytes)"Marriage brings a man only two happy days. The day he takes his bride to bed and the day he lays her in her grave."
Morton M. Hunt. The Natural History of Love. (New York: Alfred Knopf, 1959.)


Another example is the Greek Poet Propertius, who said:


"May my enemies fall in love with women and my friends with boys."
Philippe Aries and Andre Bejin (ed.), Western Sexuality-Practice and Precept in the Past and Present Times. (Oxford: Basil Blackewll Ltd, 1985.), 33.

While the status of women in Roman society was considerably better, homosexuality and uncontrolled sexual behavior were regular features of Roman society. The great 18th century historian Gibbon, author of "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire," states that of all the Roman Emperors, only Claudius was heterosexual.



Sexual promiscuity and negative attitudes toward women had a very detrimental effect on society: Not only did they not contribute toward the creation of stable families, but they also seriously affected the size of the population. Both Greece and Rome passed laws requiring a man to marry and have a certain minimum number of children in order to bequeath his property. Without a law, men would not get married. They would be too busy having fun with prostitutes and boys.

wp03t59a.jpg (303856 bytes)

However, these laws ultimately failed. Rome built an empire based on peasant Roman soldiers fighting and dying for their country. It was one of the greatest military machines in human history. But Rome collapsed in the 5th century CE. Why? It could no longer defend itself. The very low birth rate meant a scarcity of Romans for the Army!

wp03t59b.jpg (307266 bytes)

Photo National Geographic

The army by that time was entirely comprised of hired mercenary soldiers, and could not maintain an empire. The greatest empires fell due to the internal rot of the society, primarily caused by uncontrolled sexual behavior.

The idea of a stable family structure was often lacking wp03t60d.jpg (218794 bytes)in the most advanced societies.

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