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Aish HaTorah at the Western Wall

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The Banquet Hall and Banquet Hall Level overlook the Western Wall. Judaism infuses eating with holiness. Here major international Jewish leaders, those celebrating a simcha, or students and participants in our myriad programs will break bread against the inspiring backdrop of the Western Wall, visible through giant windows.

On Friday evenings, hundreds will congregate at this lovely facility for a delicious Sabbath meal following evening prayers at the Western Wall.

(110) Archers' Window on the Royal Arcade (19) Majestic North Entrance to the Banquet Hall Level (149) Banquet Hall Furnishings (123) Majestic North Entrance Mezuzah to the Banquet Hall Level (66) Menorah (56) Central Stairway to Rooftop Terrace Overlooking the Western Wall (64) Silverstein Main Elevator (Wheelchair Accessible) (99) Banquet Hall Warming Kitchen (130) Banquet Hall Cloakroom (149) Banquet Hall Furnishings (101) Banquet Hall Ritual Handwashing Alcove (101) Banquet Hall Ritual Handwashing Alcove (32) Royal Arcade Promenade (4)  Dining Level and Banquet Hall Overlooking The Western Wall