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Aish HaTorah World Center
The Dan Family of Canada Building at the Western Wall

This year in Jerusalem and forever! The Aish HaTorah World Center stands on the Jewish world's most coveted and esteemed location, across from the Western Wall.

Millions of Jews come to the Western Wall with open, questioning hearts, searching for their history and heritage. Just steps away from this holiest and most inspiring Jewish site, Aish HaTorah World Center, is uniquely situated to reach out, instilling Jewish pride and knowledge.

The majestic building, harmonizing ancient and modern, beckons Jerusalem's myriad visitors to enter and find inspiration. The elegant six-story structure houses the world's most sophisticated Jewish outreach and education center, strengthening knowledge of Jewish history, encouraging pride in our heritage and forging commitment to the State of Israel.

State-of-the-art video, audio, computer, and satellite hook-ups guarantee to link the Jewish future with the treasures of the past. Our unrivaled multimedia theater, graceful rooftop terrace boasting a magnificent panoramic view of the Western Wall and surrounding areas, and exquisite dining facilities promise to draw dignitaries, celebrants, and students from all over the world. The unique location of Aish and its programming combine to offer an opportunity to inspire Jews that is unparalleled.

Few people expect to be remembered 100 years from now, let alone 1,000. But by giving your name to this unique landmark, you will be remembered for all time. Visible to millions from the Western Wall, your name will be prominently displayed in the Grand Entrance Lobby.

Guarantee Jewish survival by leading the worldwide Jewish renaissance and leave your descendants with the most meaningful legacy possible by making a dedication.