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Aish HaTorah at the Western Wall

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  This state-of-the-art, multi-media facility will provide awe-inspiring programs to dramatize our Jewish heritage and identity for the millions who tour every year, and for the many who choose to stay and study.

The immediacy and excitement of Jewish history will be heightened by the theaters proximity to the inspiring Western Wall.

(12) Gindi Family Theater Level Lobby (152) Kirk Douglas Theater Seats (56) Central Stairway to Rooftop Terrace Overlooking the Western Wall (13) Second Temple Aqueduct Restoration & Renovation (48) Kirk Douglas Theater Entrance (6) Julis Family Kirk Douglas Theater Level (64) Silverstein Main Elevator (Wheelchair Accessible) (129)  Hartman and Joury 'Kirk Douglas Theater' Mezuzah (52) Theater Window onto History (13) Second Temple Aqueduct Restoration & Renovation (96) Rothstein Mezuzah Dedication Board (8)  Kirk Douglas Theater Grand Feature Film on the Majesty of Jewish History (98) Rothstein Mezuzah Dedication Board (36) Saker 'Off Broadway' Theater