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Aish HaTorah at the Western Wall

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The Massive stone pillars and graceful arches, which marked off the anteroom to an impressive public building so long ago, will now be the stunning foyer of the Western Wall Auditorium and the Jerusalem Fellowships Lecture Hall, as well as the Jewish Heritage Library.

900-year-old arches dating back to the Crusader period testify to the ancient origin of this magnificent building.

(14) Mezzanine Level (56) Central Stairway to Rooftop Terrace Overlooking the Western Wall (64) Silverstein Main Elevator (Wheelchair Accessible) (1) Kirk Douglas Theater (93) Lighting System for the Kirk Douglas Theater (152) Kirk Douglas Theater Seats (98) Kirk Douglas Theater Seating Dedication Board (98) Kirk Douglas Theater Seating Dedication Board (87) Bugajer Central Video Command Center