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"Mourning in Halachah"
By Rabbi Chaim Binyamin Goldberg (ArtScroll)

Sets forth the laws of mourning clearly and accurately, citing relevant sources and the customs of various communities in Israel, America and Europe. Includes: laws and customs from the sickbed, through burial, shivah, shloshim, the first year, through yahrtzeit. Includes prayers and Psalms at the cemetery.

"The Jewish Way of Death and Mourning"
By Rabbi Maurice Lamm

Factual, clearly-written, very useful. Explains procedural questions for the person in the process of mourning. Includes text of graveside prayers.

"Remember My Soul"
By Lori Palatnik (Leviathan Press)

Explores the ideas of the soul, death and the afterlife. Guides the mourner through the traditions and rituals of the Shiva period. Offers a thirty day guided exercise that both comforts the mourner and provides spiritual elevation for the soul of the departed.

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