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Yahrzeit Calendar Calculator

Today's date: 10 Tammuz 5784 / 16 July 2024

Enter the Jewish or civil date of departure and this page will return the Yahrzeit dates for the next 20 years.

Please enter a civil calendar date:


Or, enter a Jewish calendar date:


Important Notes:

  • The Jewish day begins at sunset. To enter a yahrzeit date for a death that occurred after nightfall but before midnight, you must enter the civil date for the following day.
  • If the death occurred between sunset and nightfall, a rabbinical authority should be consulted regarding the proper yahrtzeit date.
  • Yahrzeits of deaths which occurred in Adar I or Adar II (leap months) will occur in Adar of non-leap years. (An exception is 30 Adar I, as mentioned below.)
  • For deaths which occurred in Adar of a non-leap year, the calendar shows the yahrtzeit as occurring on Adar I of leap years. However, some authorities consider both Adar I and Adar II to be questionable yahrtzeit dates. A rabbinical authority should be consulted.
  • If the burial occurred more than one day after the death, some authorities consider the date of burial to be the yahrtzeit date for the first year only. (The calendar displays the date of death for all years.) A rabbinical authority should be consulted.
  • This calendar has not been fully implemented for deaths which occur on the 30th day of months which do not always contain 30 days (Cheshvan, Kislev, Adar). The rules are complex and again, an appropriate rabbinical authority should be consulted.

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